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Make It Yourself: Our Natural Beauty Care at Home Guide is About to Simplify Your Life
May 6, 2018 Georgia

Make It Yourself: Our Natural Beauty Care at Home Guide is About to Simplify Your Life

Posted in Beauty
Words by Georgia Brisco

Guys. This is not a drill. Our world has been sort of rocked recently, in the very best way, and we needed to let you in on why. All the products you purchase for your skin and hair and lips and skin again (because let’s be real: they make about one hundred and eleven different products for each part of our bodies) – stop. Because despite all the marketing jargon convincing us otherwise – we don’t need to be buying these products (especially because we can replace them with stuff we already have at home, a la our Make Your Own Natural Beauty Care at Home Guide – but we’ll get to that in a sec). In fact, we probably shouldn’t be. And here’s why.

They’re expensive AF. We know we’ve convinced ourselves that that £25 cleanser is #worthit, but here’s the truth: it probably isn’t. Because these products are filled with chemicals your body and our planet could most definitely do without – seriously, parabens, synthetic colours, and phthalates, aside from being tongue twisters*, are linked to things we’d just rather not get all up close and personal with**.

Think about it: cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs – we’re coating ourselves with these products and we don’t even truly know what’s in them. It’s sort of weird: we’ll spend a lot of time checking the food we put into our bodies is good for us (we aren’t dropping twice as much money on our favourite, pretentious-filled but preservative-free organic oat milk for nothing), but kind of forget about the stuff we’re putting all over our largest organ: our skin.  Add to this the environmental impact these cosmetics have, and thanks, but we’ve got a better idea.

Listen up: there are pretty amazing alternatives to these products. And here’s the coolest part that’s got us freaking-out-in-the-best-way excited: these alternatives are probably lying around your kitchen. Things naturally-free of weird ingredients that are a whole lot whole lot kinder to our bodies and our planet. And our wallets.

We know. Revolutionary. And unbelievable? Nope, but it’s easy to see why we’d be hesitant at first; we’ve been conditioned to think that our conditioner (there’s a pun in there somewhere that we’ll spare you from) has to be made in a lab. But here’s the thing: the stuff you already have at home – olive oil and sugar and coffee and our other every-day groceries – they’re filled with all the good stuff and free of all the bad stuff. With a little bit of creativity, and – not to brag, but ya know – some help from our handy guide, you can make your own natural beauty care at home.

And we promise that, for the most part, we haven’t thrown in those okay-but-who-actually-has-that-lying-around ingredients (here’s looking at you, beauty vloggers). Our guide includes mostly for-real every-day-grocery-store ingredients plus one or two things you can purchase pretty effortlessly from your nearest wellness store. So you can make the switch easily to save your coin and our planet. And also, it’s sort of really fun. Click below to download our Make Your Own Natural Beauty Care at Home Guide.

*Honestly, try pronouncing these parabens without re-reading them three times: methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, and butylparaben.

** And after learning about these nasties, we were sure our eco-friendly, different-from-the-regular-stuff products would be mostly free of them, right? Wrong (kind of like that ex we all have that we were convinced was Different™ from the rest – but that’s another story).


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