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Hand-Luggage-Only-Adventures Part Two: Your Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Hand-Luggage Essentials
June 1, 2018 Georgia

Hand-Luggage-Only-Adventures Part Two: Your Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Hand-Luggage Essentials

Posted in Sustainable brands
Words by Georgia Brisco

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Now that we’ve convinced you that packing hand-luggage-only style is pretty much the way to go for that dreamy weekend away, we can get down to the dirty. And by that, we mean avoiding the dirty as much as possible while flying and being ready for whatever adventures you wander into. 

Because let’s be honest, flying is a lot of things. It’s being squished up against the guy beside you who sort of smells like apple cider vinegar (and we’re not hating on apple cider vinegar – we just like it more as a natural shampoo, and less as an eau de parfum). Flying is also sleepy eyes – the kind that feel sort of cotton-wool-clad and bleary from the florescent airport lights. It’s that sort of manic, illogical chaos of Hurry Up and Wait.

But, if you let it, it’s also sort of whimsical – especially if you’re heading off on a trip to explore a part of the earth that’s entirely brand new to you. But even if you’re just hopping on a flight for a wham-bam-thank-you business trip (did we just make a sexual innuendo work-related? Possibly), you still want to feel sort of human once you reach your destination.

The way to do that is by packing your hand-luggage strategically and quadruple-checking you have all of your essentials, particularly when it comes to toiletries and other basics (seriously, is there anything worse than boarding a twelve-hour flight and realising you forgot your deodorant? Spoiler alert: there isn’t*).

Making the effort to pick up and include these eco-friendly essentials in your hand luggage will make you feel a whole lot more than sort of human – they’ll help you feel refreshed and ready to embrace the world while doing your part to take care of it.

Below is a list of eco-friendly hand-luggage essentials we never board a plane without (and we’ve made sure they pass the hand-luggage ml allowance, too).     

Soap & Shampoo

Toiletries can be a tricky, and going minimalist with them is best. We know an all-in-one travel soap might be a little scary, but being able to have one product for all your sudsy needs is pretty radical. Dr. Bronner’s Magic 18-In-1 Hemp Citrus Orange Pure Castille Soap is a mouthful and also sort of brilliant. From your clothes to your hair to your body, this eco-friendly guy is certified organic, made from 100% recycled plastic, and cruelty-free. And you’ll be avoiding using five different plastic-packaged products, too. Yes, please.


And honestly, feeling comfy, i.e., non-sweaty, during your flight makes things a whole lot cooler. Aside from their cute, reusable glass pots, the Natural Deo Co.’s deodrants have our hearts – Lemon + Geranium Deo, in particular. Made out of all-natural ingredients, including fairly traded shea butter and coconut oil, it smells incredible, is eco-friendly, and is vegan and cruely-free.

Make-up Removal Wipes

Not to exaggerate or anything, but these handy cousins of our wet wipe buddies are our saviours. Though we love a good smoky eye, the just-fell-asleep-on-the-stranger-next-to-us-and-may-or-may-not-have-drooled-too look is hard enough without having to deal with smudged mascara. We’re sort of in love with these Beauty Kitchen’s Seahorse Plankton Compostable Face Wipes because they’re 100% compostable and cruelty-free. They’re also made with miracle microalgae that produces a magical mix of antioxidants, vitamins, and a whole lot more to work wonders on your skin while you’re off wanderlusting.

Sheet Masks

When sheet masks started popping up all over the place recently, we we’re intrigued. But also, as eco-warrior princesses, a little skeptical about their waste risk. These Orgaid Organic Sheet Masks enriched with vitamin C provide rich antioxidant protection and are filled with orange peel and pomegranate extracts to boost healthy collagen synthesis. The masks are made from plant-derived ingredients so they’re biodegradable, and the packaging is recyclable. Also, havinga little pamper sesh is a fun way to pass the time while we’re flying.

Lip Balm

There are worse things in the world than being lip balm junkies, and we readily admit that we’re hooked. Particularly when it comes to Bloomtown Botanicals 100% Natural & Vegan Lip Balm. Guys, seriously, this stuff is the bees’ knees (even though it’s vegan). It’s made from all-natural ingredients (so no nasties we can’t pronounce), is flavoured with natural berryextracts and made with organic cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, and vitamin e. It’s recyclable, too, so it’s as good as it smells.

The Other Stuff

Did you think we’d forgot the essential of essentials? Your teeth deserve to live their best life when you’re flying, too. Georganics’ bamboo toothbrushes and all-natural, sustainable mouthwashes, and toothpastes are our favourite ever. Georganics is also entirely committed to zero-waste, zero-pollution, and transparent practices. Honestly, we haven’t been as excited about dental care since our dentist used to give us sweets (we’re not quite sure why this contradictory and happy event ever stopped, tbh).

What’s left? Water and words (we didn’t mean that to sound like a new-age poetry book but let’s go with it). A good quality, eco-friendly water bottle is your best friend when travelling light, and S’well takes things to a whole new level with their beautiful, sustainable water bottles. The best part? With every purchase, S’well gives to Unicef and other charities focused on providing access to safe drinking water to communities around the world.

As for your words – there are few things more lovely than reflecting on your adventures at the end of long day of venturing, or during lazy beach days and airport waits. Moorea Seal’s 52 Lists for Happiness Journal is perfect for this, and for helping you remember how important your own happiness is. Also, we’re suckers for lists.   

*Except maybe your toothbrush on an airline that doesn’t provide one (a moment of silence for all of us who have endured this).

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